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What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a branch of Oriental Medicine that dates back over 3,000 years.


Both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize and support acupuncture as a viable treatment option under the umbrella of complimentary alternative medicine.


Acupuncture involves placement of hair-thin, one-time use, disposable stainless steel needles at specific points on the body. This opens energetic pathways which can become blocked due to illness, stressors, injuries, or inappropriate dietary habits. Unblocking “stuck” energy allows the body to begin healing itself. The improved body energy (Qi) movement speeds healing of conditions of recent (acute) and long-standing (chronic) duration.


Conditions Treated


• Depression

• Insomnia

• PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety

• Addictions

• Chemotherapy and radiation side effects

• Fatigue

• Fibromyalgia

• Any pain

• Low immunity

• Sports injuries

• Digestive issues

• Skin issues

• Autoimmune diseases

• PMS, menopause, painful periods,  infertility

• Hormone imbalances

• Joint pains

• Bells palsy, neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia

• Neck, back, and hip pain

• Sciatica

• Headache, migraine


• Seasonal allergies

• And many more…


Community Acupuncture


We treat in a group setting. Patients rest in comfortable recliners, fully clothed in a peaceful community room. The group treatment room creates a collective healing energy that enhances the power of each individual treatment.


Treatments are simple and repeated frequently for best results. Most needles are placed below the knees, below the elbows, and from the shoulders up. Several schools of thought in Oriental Medicine agree that distal needling (below knees and elbows) can bring more profound results than needles placed on or near the target area.


Acupuncture can be an effective tool for cultivating healing. By offering acupuncture at affordable rates, we support people in their commitment to building a stronger foundation of health. Our goal is for you to come as often as you need to get healthy and stay healthy.



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